(Written in 2020)

Three movements for solo piano

Commissioned: Rachel Fryer and the JAM festival

Instrumentation: solo piano

Timing: c.11 – 12 mins

Lento Maestoso (c.6.5 mins)
Toccata (c.2 mins)
Canon (c.3 mins)

Information on the Variations Down the Line project:

Variations down the Line is a project which will commission 15 new variations based on Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Sets of three variations are being composed by composers Samuel Becker, Julian Broughton, Michael Finnissy, Alison Kay and Nicola Lefanu.

The project is curated by pianist Rachel Fryer who writes, “After studying, recording and performing Bach’s extraordinary Goldberg Variations over the last few years I would like to extend his vision into the modern world with this new project. This will be a 21st century response to Bach’s original. Involving five contrasting yet complementary composers will ensure it has the diversity of Bach’s original.”

You can find out more at the project’s website

9th August: pianist Rachel Fryer, JAM on the Marsh Festival (online)
21st September: pianist Rachel Fryer, Hurst Festival (online)