Many of these recordings are from live performances so apologies for any poor sound quality.

The Fall of Lucifer
performance by Northamptonshire County Concert Band

Lullaby for Joseph
performance by Vashti Hunter (vlc) and Rachel Fryer (pfe)

Light in the Dark
Rachel Fryer (pfe)

Royal Engineers Suite
performance by Band of the Royal Engineers
first movement
second movement starts at 2min 00sec
third movement starts at 6min 05sec
fourth movement starts at 13min 50sec

performance by by Sarita Uranovsky (vln) and Rachel Fryer (pfe)

The Bells
performance by Emerald Chorus

performance by Newbury Symphony Orchestra

Marsyas 1st movement: Marsyas
performance by Ruth Stockdale

Marsyas 2nd movement: Apollo
performance by Ruth Stockdale

Marsyas 3rd movement: Flaying
performance by Ruth Stockdale

Marsyas 4th movement: River
performance by Ruth Stockdale

Deeper than Hearts Agony
performance by Osiris Ensemble