(Written in 1997)

One movement work for wind band

Commissioned: By Kent Youth Symphonic Band, Gravesham Music Centre, Maidstone Youth Music Society and Dartford Music Centre; with the support of the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles.


pic / 2fl / ob / 3clt / bassclt / bsn / AATsax / 2hrn / 3trpt / 3trb / eup / tuba / 2timp / perc(2).

Plus optional parts for ob2, bsn2 and b.sax.

[Pec – s.dr / t.dr / b.dr / tamb / trgle / w.blk / cast / s.cym]

Timing: c.9 mins.

Programme notes:

    The Dances of Puck attempts to show the general character of “that shrewd and knavish sprite” from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream rather than a portrayal of any particular adventures of that “merry wanderer of the night” (see Act II, scene I). No delicate music here – Puck is much more rough-hewn than Titania’s band of fairies! The mischievous nature of the music offers constant surprises and keeps all members of the band occupied, while plentiful solos for all instruments, give key players a chance to shine.


  • Premiered in December 1998; many performances following from commissioning groups and others.

Published by: Bandleader Publications