(Written in 1996)

Music for brass and percussion – One movement work for brass ensemble

Dedication: To Noelle Mann.


7tpr / 2hrn / 3trb / tuba / perc(5).

 [Perc – 2glock / t.bell / antique cym / trgle / s.cym / gong]

Timing: c.7 mins.

Programme notes:

    This piece has been heavily influenced by my experience of Russian music. Although I did not want to write a pastiche Russian piece and there are no actual quotations, the whole is imbibed with the sounds of Russian music. There are three main themes. Firstly, a declamatory passage for trumpets, then a more lyrical section followed by trombones with a more chordal texture. The possibilities inherent in the juxtaposition of these three ideas are developed in the rest of the piece, providing moments of conflict and exhilaration before the final quiet coda. Slava means Glory in Church Slavonic.


  • January 1996: Goldsmiths Brass Ensemble, conductor Samuel Becker.
  • February 1996: Goldsmiths Brass Ensemble, conductor Leslie Lake