(Written in 1999)

One movement work for wind band.

Commissioned: by Mid-Sussex Youth Concert Band. 


2fl / ob / Ebclt / 3clt / bassclt / bsn / AATBsax / 2hrn / 3trpt / 2trb / eup / tuba / 3timp / perc(4).

[Perc – 2s.dr / t.dr / b.dr / tamb / trgle / c.cym / 2s.cym] 

Timing: c.7 mins.

Programme notes:

    This piece is based on an episode in Homer’s Iliad. Achilles, the invincible Greek hero, has stopped fighting the Trojans because of an argument with the Greek commander. When it looks like the Trojans will over run the Greek ships, Achilles is persuaded to let his dearest friend Patroclus go out to fight, dressed in his armour. At first, the Trojans are fooled and flee in terror. Eventually, however, Patroclus is killed by Hector; the Trojan hero and son of King Priam. This devastates Achilles. At first he is prostrate with grief but his anger grows and he goes to fight: killing Hector and mutilating his body, he also turns the war to the Greek advantage. The piece charts the various aspects of Achilles’ grief: bleakness, emptiness and sorrow – growing more impassioned and finally ending with music redolent of anger and violence. 


  • • July 1999: Mid-Sussex Youth concert Band;, conductor Neil Franks.

Many other performances following publication, including:

  • June 2000: Northamptonshire Youth Concert Band, conductor Peter Smalley.
  • April 2001: Sefton Youth Wind Orchestra, conductor Geoffrey Reed.
  • February 2002: West of England Wind Orchestra, conductor John Greaves.

Published by: Bandleader Publications